Thursday, December 20, 2007

stash busting, decorating and company

This is a bit of my Christmas decorations. I'm late and I just put up a few things to make the house festive. This is my little Charlie Brown tree....I love it. Tim laughs everytime he looks at it. We have a 7.5' tree with 1100 lights but no place to put it right now. We turned our living room into a game room complete with pool table. I didn't mind not having a tree last year because it was this week last year that we got Cally and we were busy with getting the girls adjusted to each other. But this year I wanted a tree. I saw this online....the price was right with free shipping and here it is in it's glory and I love it. Hey Kimmy....I have some lime green balls in it. :) I know JudyL will like them also....lime green being her favorite color.
Next is the tablerunner I've been working on. I decorative stitched quilted it and I was pleased with the result. I should have decorative stitched the binding as well and it would be!

These are some of the machine embroidered projects that I have worked on. I didn't really bust any fabric but lots of thread. I was a little disappointed with the santa. It a cross stitch design but it didn't really stitch out as nicely as I would have hope. It's seems to be spotty. I was happy with the tree and the snowman.

These are free standing lace ornaments. I'm very happy with these and I plan to do lots more. They are a bit time consuming but well worth the effort.

Tomorrow my friends are leaving Canada on their way to Florida. They are going to stop here tomorrow night and if the weather cooperates with stay until Sunday morning. She is my friend that sent me Memere's quilt. I haven't seen her in almost 30 years so I'm really looking forward to her visit.

So this is what I have been up to all week. I hope everyone has had a wonderful week getting ready for the holidays.


Shelina said...

Your decorations look wonderful and festive Yvonne. Much more than I have done.

Mar said...

Love the top snow people, very cute and the tablerunner, ornament, wow you HAVE been busy, it all looks great! Enjoy your company!

antique quilter said...

Oh I love your tree!
the free standing lace ornaments especially that snowflake is just so pretty. How did you make that?
the table runner is really nice too! I like the idea of using the embroidery to do the machine quilting for you, very creative idea!
Have fun with your friends

~Bren~ said...

Your decorations are beautiful and very festive looking. The game room sounds great.
I love the table runner and your decorative stitching really makes it!

Libby said...

Great tree . . . I have always been a fan of the 'Charlie Brown' variety *s*

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Looks like you've been mighty busy with your decorating. Love the Charlie Brown tree. Have fun with your friend!!

Karen said...

Dear Yvonne

Have the merriest Christmas and a wonderful 2008

Deborah Levy said...

Boy you've been a busy girl! It all looks fabulous! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Carole said...

Lovely tree! Sweet projects! You're really going to town with your embroidery machine! I need to push my limit! Hum... perhaps I ougth to try personalized pillow cases! Keep well and Merry Christmas!

Kim said...

Your decorations are wonderful! Everyone needs a tree somewhere, even if it isn't a full sized one. Hey, as long as it has lime green balls, it's perfect! LOL! I love your snow people! Did you make those? Buy them? Had them long? Tired of them and want to send them to me?! ROFLOL! I hope you had a merry Christmas! Sounds like your visit with your friends was great!

Nan said...

Goodness, I'm behind in reading your blog, aren't I? Your decorations are adorable, especially the Charlie Brown tree!
I love the towels you embroidered - they all turned out very nice. Your table runner is very pretty, too. Love the stitching on it! The lace ornaments are beautiful, too! What a talented girl you are!!