Monday, June 22, 2009

luscious hand dyes

I've been drooling over Vicki's hand dyed fabrics ever since she first began posting pictures of them. They are wonderful and I was so excited when she opened her Esty shop. Now I can buy some of those gorgeous fabrics for my very own. The colors are scrumptious.

The color palettes are really nice!

I should have opened them up so you could see them better. Believe me, they're gorgeous. :)

Look at this wonderful sunprint.....aren't the colors fabulous? Vicki also does tye-dyed T-shirts. Go on over and have a won't be sorry.

I leave you with a picture of Frankie.....hubby calls this his Superman pose.

Have a wonderful day....thanks for stopping by.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Tagged Alert

Seems there's something fishy going on. If you receive anything from me saying I tagged you....nope, I did not. Vicky emailed me because she got some from me and others. I got one from Paula and I've also gotten some from other people. I did not send anyone any invitations, so please ignore anything you get. Sorry for the trouble. :(

Thursday, June 4, 2009

garden party

These are my snake blocks which I will now refer to as Libby's worms.....sounds so much more pleasant, don't you think. I do not mind worms in the garden but snakes......ewwwwwwww, they give me the willies. My flower basket block needs a bit more work....the flower centers still need to be stitched on. I was going to start this block all over because one of my flowers ended up displaced and rather pale looking and my dragonfly is a bit cockeyed. I ripped off the pale flower, added a couple more and figured my dragonfly was just a bit juiced on some nectar. I'm going to just be happy with it. Libby has real garden worms and her garden is stupendous!

I think I spend a squillion hours on the stars.....who knew paper piecing could be so hard. I think I need pp for really dumb dummies 101. When I finally got to the last star, I inverted the colors in one of the parts. Oh's done and I am very pleased with it.

I'm making one of those baskets where you cover rope with fabric and zigzag the coils together. The one I'm making is called a CapNap Bowl. I'm using a Bali Pop which is a jelly roll of batiks.

Someone can't wait until it's finished to take her nap.

While I was outside taking the pictures of my blocks I couldn't resist the roses.

Thanks for stopping by.....I love it when you do.