Saturday, April 14, 2007


I got to go to MQX today with my friend Debbie. I met Karen McTavish and got to drive an APQS Millenium....way cool machine. I met Mindy and Lars Caspersen....awesome a free ruler. Mindy's videos are very good for beginners like me.
I met Kay and Michael of Circle Lord. They are so nice and spent time answering my questions and showing me how it all worked. Will definately be getting that in the near future. I didn't realize I could use their setup on my funquilter and bought the EZ templates for the baptist fan but that's ok.
I bought lots of thread and Pam Clarkes videos and workbooks. I got her new book also. Lots to see, so many gorgeous quilts. I'm sorry to say I forgot my camera but I can take a picture of all my goodies. Next year I hope to take some of the classes. It was a very good inspiring day.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Can't believe it's been so long

My intentions were try and blog regularly. Life seems to get in to way. I'm working on Judy's last quilt and some string blocks. I was working on the WOBQ blocks but decided that I really didn't like doing all those little blocks...took up too much time. It's like the Dear Jane quilt....I really love it but I'm not willing to devote so much time to it. I want to make too many other quilts. I want to get good at machine quilting too. Fiona, my funquilter, is waiting to be used. One more practice quilt and then onto my real quilts.