Friday, May 16, 2008

Motivation Friday

I have to report that nary a stitch has been sewn this week. I've been a bit out of sorts....dear hubby is battling an awful case of shingles. I'll admit that I've been playing on the computer, learning more digiscrapping with photoshop. I've amazed myself....some of it is actually starting to sink it. Since I have no fabric to wow you with, I'll share my latest assignment. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I plan to join in Judy's quiltathon this weekend. Have a few little projects in mind.


Catherine said...

I'm impressed. I'm slowly learning my way around Photoshop and am amazed at its capabilities!
Ouch on the shingles! What is it lately? Seems like every time I turn around, I'm hearing or reading about someone having shingles!
Your kitties look gorgeous!

Mar said...

wow, I don't photoshop, so I didn't know how they did this type of stuff. very cool Yvonne!! (and you have the perfect subjects!)

Erin said...

sending Tim best wishes!! Love the kitties..great job!!!

Carole said...

Do hope hubby feels better soon! Keep well!

Libby said...

Oh crud - the shingles are not fun at all. Hope Hubby has a quick and easy recovery.
Your scrapbooking page looks great . . . you are going to inspire me into giving it a try yet *s*

Priscilla said...

Lovely layout, great composition - isn't it great when you finally start to realise that what you have been struggling to learn is really sinking in and that you are able to produce cool work like this!
(Your cats really are adorable :o) )