Wednesday, August 1, 2007

more borders

I thought I was all done with my quilt for an hour until I saw Dot's and the extra borders really do make the quilt especially that scrappy one. Sooooo....I'm gonna frog the outer border and continue on per Judy's instructions. What was I thinking....that I could improve her design. No....I think not. I was just being lazy.....that'll teach me.


Bren said...

LOL I was having the same thought...skimp on a couple of the borders...who would notice? Well you are right. I will do it as directed also! Sorry I don't show up in your e-mail :(

Chris said...

Quilters and cats just seem to go together. I have two helpers! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your quilts.

Mary said...

I think it looks just fine like it is but I guess by now you've already changed the borders. Borders aren't my favorite things and I frequently adapt a pattern because of it.

I'm working on this quilt too and am planning just 3 plain borders. I added a row of block down and across so it will still be plenty big.