Thursday, June 21, 2012

a finish

I finished 4 wheelchair quilts. They went to some handicapped children at a local school. It's a good feeling.

This is a very rare occurance in house of ragdoll. Maggie, after 4 years, still hates, somewhat tolerates Frankie. They were engrossed with a bird up in the gutter. She was willing to let bygones be begones and not hiss or smack him as she usually does if come within a hundred few feet of him.

I finally finished a quilt on my ufo challenge list. This is my second year working the list. I gave this one to my friend, was supposed to be a gift for her 50th birthday. That was 5 years ago. She didn't care....she loved it and that made me happy.

I finally realized my stumbling block with getting my quilts quilted. I told myself I did not like stippling and because I was not willing to work through that, I never finished any quilts. I am happy to say, I have gotten over that silly notion and I am quilting at my skill level and letting myself enjoy it!

I had a lot of help with the binding this morning.....she stayed the whole time, happily purring away.


Vicki W said...

It feels good to finish things, doesn't it? Your kitties are so cute!

Deb Levy said...

wonderful finishes! Those 3 kitties are so cute! Gosh it's hard to believe Frankie is 4...seems like just yesterday he was a baby!

Erin said...

Three sitting together like that! Glad you took a picture!! that is precious!
You brought tears to my eyes Yvonne, and a feeling in me that I could not describe when you gave me that beautiful quilt yesterday! I just love it! words will never express how much I appreciate it! You are a gem, will always be the sister I never had...thank you so much!! I love that you had kitty help with the binding too... :)

Tonya Ricucci said...

beautiful cats. I keep hoping my Lily will get nicer to other cats, but 233333```````````````` (sorry, visit from Annabelle across the keyboard) not sure it will ever happen. at least she loves her humans.