Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

I wish you all a new year filled with much love, happiness and enough of whatever makes you smile.
I've spent the last week or so making plans and goals for the new year. Besides the usual lose weight, exercise more and eat healthier, I have goals to grow my skills in photography and quilting. Since I'm such a good blogger....haha....I thought I would add a second one. I'm attempting the challenge of taking a daily photo of something in my day and journaling about it. I sure hope to last longer than a week or so. :)
I'd like to grow in a more creative direction with my quilting. I would like to make some portrait quilts and really nail down being able to quilt some gorgeous feathers. So I plan to practice and be fearless in honing my new skills. In case you care to peek at my other's my 365 day challenge .
I've tried doing things today I love....reading, sewing, knitting and some computer stuff. We'll see where the new year brings us. Thanks for stopping by.....I love it when you do.


Vicki W said...

Happy New Year!

Libby said...

Happy New Year - have fun with the photography. I'm still mastering keeping fresh batteries in my camera *s*

Erin said...

same wishes for you! glad you are going to use your camera and we get to see the pics! will be fun!