Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pay It Forward

I just signed up to play at Linda's blog. So the first 3 people that sign up here will get an original handmade....well maybe not original....but it will be handmade by me, gift within the next 365 days. I'm hoping that the procrastinator in me won't wait till day 361 to mail them out. Anybody wanna play?????


Finn said...

Hi Yvonne, just popping in to say "hi" and see how you are doing.
Have to say you have a beautiful Maggie! What gorgeous eyes she has.
And I'm happy to see you're back here sooner than 3 weeks. sorry to hear the blocks from the Hour a Day are giving you problems...just gotta slow down and enjoy it. Hugs, Finn

aless.erre said...

Hi!!!!!! Can I'have une of yours handmade????
This is the paly, no?